What is Communications Interoperability and why is it important? Communications interoperability is the ability of public safety agencies to talk and share data with field units in real time as needed and as authorized. As public safety interoperability consultants, we know public safety communications interoperability is challenging because the exchange of real-time data is critical to all units but the products used to exchange this data – multiband radios, portable radios, mesh access points, infrastructure systems, interoperability software apps, integrated voice and data networks and other solutions – differ as to frequencies and equipment. The issue of limited communications interoperability is exacerbated when agencies of neighboring jurisdictions, (fire, police and other emergency responders) operate on different frequencies and equipment.

HICAPS multi-faceted and expert public safety communications interoperability team specializes in public safety telecommunications and RF network planning. HICAPS has successfully executed hundreds of public safety telecommunications and public safety communications interoperability projects throughout the United States and Puerto Rico for Federal, State, Municipal governments, and OEMs. For first responders-police, fire, EMS, or Federal government agencies-emergency services communications and corresponding p25 interoperability from the field are their lifelines. Public safety telecommunications infrastructure must be effective, reliable, and enhance first responders’ ability to do their jobs quickly and safely.

A few examples of HICAPs communications interoperability experience include State of Arkansas 800MHz Rebanding ProgramTennessee Emergency Management Agency 800 MHz Rebanding Program, and the Virginia Port Authority.

Whether it’s public safety communications interoperability, program management, RF engineering services, RF network planning, general construction, project scheduling, proposal development, contract administration, claims analysis or public safety interoperability consultants, you can be confident HICAPS will deliver.

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