Good design is about more than just furniture.

It is about creating a style that reflects the image you want your company to convey. This can be done with on trend furniture & finish selections, and within your budget. HICAPS CID Division is a furniture dealership with the ability to assist in designing and specifying furniture and finishes for your new space, whether it is a corporate, educational, government, hospitality, senior living, or healthcare project. We can assist you at many levels. If you are a designer and in need of furniture quotes, we can help you as well. HICAPS  CID Division has over 80 furniture manufacturers that we partner with to provide you with solutions that will fit your style and budget. HICAPS CID Division can provide space planning, 2 & 3D CAD drawings, and renderings, as well as quotes for your furniture and furnishings needs. HICAPS CID Division can also provide a full spectrum of interior design services if you have the need, and are happy to meet with you or your client to determine the scope of the project and provide a design services proposal.

Professional Services Available
  • Initial Client meeting to Determine Client Needs & Project Scope
  • Initial Space Planning & Design Concept
  • Create 2 & 3D Drawings & Renderings in AutoCad & CAP
  • Create Specifications & Quotes for Furniture & Furnishings.
  • Provide Proposals for any Additional Design Services, if Requested.
    1. Provide any Needed Construction Detail Drawings
    2. Provide Electrical/Data, Lighting, and Elevation Details Drawings
    3. Provide Presentation Boards and color 3D Renderings
  • Place and track orders as needed
  • Manage the overall project in conjunction with client’s needs
  • Schedule and oversee the project installation
  • Follow Up as Needed and Final Walk Through with Client
Bring Life to Your Space

Good design begins with good communication. The collaboration between designer and client is essential to create the environment the client desires. And if the client is not sure of what he wants, then the designer works with the client to help him visualize a space that is functional, has a pleasing aesthetic, is within the client’s budget, and satisfies the client. HICAPS CID Division is available to assist you with the planning and design of your space today.

Contact us for more information on how HICAPS can help with your Commercial Interiors & Design (CID).


Corporate design doesn’t have to be boring or stuffy. Our design team can help bring life into your corporate space to enhance creativity and increase productivity.


Educational furniture can be fun, inspiring, and functional. Purposeful doesn’t have to be boring, HICAPS can help you create an exciting place to study and keep students energized. A Building and Environment study (2015) found that the right design can increase students’ learning rates by 16%.


HICAPS, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with more than 10 years of experience working with government entities and over 5 years furnishing government buildings. We can create the spaces needed no matter the budget, can offer options that meet the Buy American Act, as well as eco-friendly alternatives. Our dealership, has something for everyone and every situation. GSA Contract #: GS-03F-018DA\


The hospitality industry is booming. With the emergence of the “boutique hotel”, there are also now more opportunities to create “outside of the box” spaces for public and guestroom areas. We can help you with your furniture and furnishings needs from “boutique” to full service hotels.

Senior Living

Senior Living communities, create opportunities for residents to socialize, work, and volunteer. HICAPS can help create spaces for residents to engage through shared living areas and build friendships though shared activities. As Americans live longer, the need for these facilities is growing and becoming more customized to meet each person’s needs, both physically and socially.


The Healthcare Industry is ever growing and changing. New advancements in technology, to include furniture and fabrics in this sector are crucial. Please feel free to contact us for your Healthcare furniture and furnishings needs.