Retro-Commissioning – VISN 19

HICAPS is providing retro-commissioning services for six medical center campuses (approximately 2 million square feet) within the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Integrated Support Network (VISN) 19. The medical centers includes VAMC Cheyenne, Salt Lake City HCS, VAMC Grand Junction, VAMC Sheridan, Montana HCS Fort Harrison and Montana HCS Miles City.The project scope includes:

  • Identifying and prioritizing operational and maintenance enhancement opportunities in major building energy systems to improve infection control, energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality.
  • Evaluating design adequacy of major building HVAC systems.
  • Evaluating system performance in relation to design criteria and characterizing deviations.
  • Optimizing control systems through calibration of sensors, improved metering, development and review of trend logs and functional equipment testing.
  • Evaluating preventative maintenance programs and recommending improvements and training of essential staff in their application.
  • Identifying O&M personnel training needs for improving skills/abilities to respond effectively to the changing needs of buildings and occupants.
  • Performing simple repairs as directed by VA staff upon their review of our prioritized list of facility improvement measures (FIMs).

Location: CO, MT, UT, WY
Customer: Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Start Date: May 19, 2015
End Date: March 24, 2016