Hot Water Line


Salem Bldg. 74 Hot Water Line

HICAPS was the General Contractor for this project, which included removing asbestos insulation on approximately 940 linear feet of existing waterline located above the ceiling in the basement corridor of Building 74; then removing approximately 3,200 sf of acoustical ceiling and replacing tile and grid and providing an equivalent quantity of ceiling tile stock for future ceiling replacement. A wipe down was conducted on all above-ceiling surfaces to insure no asbestos contamination remained. In addition to removing the acoustical ceiling the deteriorated domestic hot water distribution lines, the hot water return piping, and cold water distribution lines were all removed and replaced with new, insulated copper piping and fittings. We also had to provide new brass water ball valves to replace the old valves that were removed. The total cost of this project was $135,000.

Location:Salem, VA
Customer:Department of Veterans Affairs
Start Date:3/29/2013