The benefits of HICAPS’ third-party design review and installation inspections include:

  • Assurance that the installations meet project and manufacturer specifications
  • Air barrier systems that are continuous and effective
  • High likelihood of passing Air Tightness Testing, if specified
  • A technical resource for architects, site managers, and installers
  • Decreased liability for the design team, the GC, and the trades contractors

At HICAPS, we know the key to a continuous and effective air barrier system is careful design combined with coordination of the work performed by the various installers of your building’s air barrier components. Our experienced project managers and ABAA-licensed Field Inspectors build working relationships with your design-build team and installation contractors to support these critical functions.

The air barrier assembly is often a non-maintainable component of the building enclosure. Once cladding or other components have been installed over the air barrier, it may not be practical to make repairs. Remediation costs can be up to 60 times more than the cost of proper design and installation, so the job must be done right the first time.

Licensed by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) to perform third-party audits, inspections and testing of air barrier installations under ABAA’s Quality Assurance Program, HICAPS also performs air barrier design review and assists with preparing RFIs as necessary. We will work hand-in-hand with your QC team and trades contractors to help coordinate and sequence tasks so that a continuous and effective air barrier system will be achieved.