A successful construction project begins with a clear and complete set of bid documents vetted for issues that might otherwise result in unnecessary change orders, claims and delays. Achieving this requires an independent review of construction documents that addresses:

  • Inconsistencies between plans and specifications
  • Errors and omitted details
  • Limitations of access for work to be performed
  • Sequencing and project scheduling (identifying long lead items)
  • Compatibility of materials
  • Alternate materials for equal or better performance

HICAPS’ experienced team of construction managers and industry specialists has saved our clients time, money and aggravation for many years by reviewing and amending plans, technical specifications and bid schedules before they are advertised for bid. A HICAPS constructability review means:

  • Minimal need for design clarification during construction
  • No inherent causes for change orders or disputes
  • Well-defined methods for evaluating quality
  • Higher value and lower costs
  • Higher probability of success resulting from  a clean set of construction documents